Through this discussion, I intend to focus our attention towards 1 event at a time, move mass public opinion and bring it to the attention of the concerned officials and see whether this works. We will concentrate on positive aspects (instead of complaining ), be constructive, and contribute towards the development/ improvement of our city.

Situation 1: Oklipuram Traffic Jams.
Dear Friends,

This is for the information of all the people who use Sujatha Main road and experience the long traffic jams from Olkipuram Junction till majestic. This clogging is mainly because of the piling up of BMTC buses which needs to go left. All these buses gets blocked at the signal at the next junction which is a hair-pin curve junction that is mostly jammed due to the necking. I have observed (as we all might have) that there is enough land available at the junction which is unused. This is costing millions of commuters, hours of delay in the traffic jam during the peak hours.

I would like you all to take a look at this and if you are also of the same opinion that improving this junction will would add atleast a little towards easing the traffic conditions, I request you to kindly post your feedback on my blog . Please pass this on to all your friends who use this road and waste substantial amount of their travel time in traffic jam just because of the present road geometry. After moving sufficient public opinion, I intend to send all the posts to the BBMP commissioner, so that he can take the necessary steps.

After remodeling the junction, if Signal lights are put up where the yellow line is seen, there will be sufficient buffer area in between the signals for vehicles to interchange the lanes and move freely.

This is the only route to enter kempegowda Busstand that all BMTC buses from Rajajinagar, Vijayanagar, RPC layout, Kamalanagar, Basaveshwaranagar, Kamakshipalya, etc., are supposed to take or rather can take. So imagine the number of buses that gets piled up from this hairpin junction till Oklipuram.

If you are still not clear about the road/junction I am talking, it is the only road in Bangalore where the traffic movement is in the reverse direction ( right side to and left side fro, the road on the right taking us directly into the KempeGowda Busstand.).

I request you to kindly pass this on to every person you know, coming from the this part of Bangalore, so that we can contribute towards making an effective change.

If anyone has any more ideas/suggestions, or is a good graphic designer, you could make this pictorial representation more presentable and add them into this mail and then forward it to your friends..

Once again I request you to kindly post your feedback on my blog, so that once the government acts on this, we could have a small exchange of congratulations on being able to contribute something to our society.