Brickwork India

Brickwork India provides research, consulting and executive support services to clients across varied industry segments. Primarily we provide secondary research infrastructure and service. We provide an in depth understanding of the market and business environment to our clients. This provides them with a unique opportunity to understand the present and future business opportunities from a higher pedestal in comparison to their competitors. We always help keep our clients a notch above the rest.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the Brickwork Research Infrastructure comprises a team of highly knowledgeable and skilled analysts who are MBAs, CPAs, Social Science Graduates, doctors, lawyers among other professionals. Brickwork leverages this expertise and talent to provide innovative and holistic solutions to our clients across the globe (Link to the Map). Our analysts cover range of industries, which includes – Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, IT, Banking, real estate, consulting etc.,

Our clients comprise companies across a range of industries including retail, healthcare, real estate, airlines, communication, financial services, auto, component manufacturers, media, IT, gaming companies, online education and enterprise solutions customers. With our experience in supporting global giants, we are uniquely placed in this domain to progress as a highly intuitive and beneficial long-term partner in the consulting and outsourced support business.

We offer busy global executives their own personal assistant in India. Our Remote Assistants who can handle anything from back office work, spreadsheet analysis, Power Point Presentations to Business Research, Financial Research to Health Care research and more.

We offer organizations and entrepreneurs with software development, professional website design and development, graphic design for both web and print media, customized application development and search engine optimization services. The team comprises of skillsets like PHP, ASP.NET, Software Testers, PHPBB, Graphic Designers, Flash Animators, Content writers, SEO experts, Joomla, Blog, OSCommerce experts etc.,

Brickwork makes extensive use of our expertise in technology and believes in being up-to-date in all facets of technology. Every analyst at Brickwork is almost like in the office next door to provide assistance to its customers across the globe thanks to technology.

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Skype me at: rijoscletus

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