Right to Live


To contribute in providing an equal opportunity to live with complete sense of self esteem & self respect for fellow humans who are deprived the basic right to live.


To motivate and educate the societies, governments and organizations that the right to live with self respect and self esteem is a basic need for any human so as it is a fundamental right assured by the constitution to all its citizens.

Goals and objective

• Educate the civilized society that there is a category of human beings called as Eunuchs.
• Educate the civilized society the need to provide them an equal opportunity to live.
• Attract Government attention on this group of minority human beings that they are deprived the fundamental right assured by the constitution and that they need to act; and act now.
• Educate eunuchs & provide Multi Disciplinary skill training from organizations.
• Arrange funds to facilitate rehabilitation mainly for lodging & food.
• Make arrangements for unwed pregnant mothers to prevent abortions, intended: to protect the right of an unborn child to life.
• Arrange for medical attention through financial aid to deserving unwed mothers availing various Govt and NGO facilities.
• Provide care for new born through quality child care, food, education, skill development to make them into independent, civilized citizens.

Write up

Eunuchs are born with both sex organs, the child either has female sex organs, male sex organs and penis or will be men will develop breasts after puberty or women do not get menstrual periods and develop deep baritone voice, facial hair and male physical characteristics.
Society has long been discriminating against eunuchs by
• Asking them to leave the family as in traditional social set ups, if one sibling turns out to be a eunuch the family finds it impossible to get the other siblings married.
• Mocking them at schools and making academics painful.
• All people fill up forms – even the government forms have two sections to fill up only viz., male or female, like a sense of there is no other form of human life.
• All institutions and organizations have this profiling, whether the internet or paper form, the ask for the gender, the options are only two.
• Government who should be providing, deprives them of jobs
• Private organizations do the same.
• Religious organisations are worse, when it comes to treatment of these people.

…. Only fault of theirs – BORN DIFFERENT….but they are very much HUMAN BEINGS….

End Result is that to live they are left with only options of begging, prostitution or other antisocial activities